BIG KIDS ROOM!! How to transition their space from nursery to toddler and beyond

When you have kids, you will soon realise how quickly they grow up and transition from stage to stage; this is especially true of younger children who seem to be growing a lot faster than we can keep up with. With these impending growth spurts, we are going to have to consider their rooms and how to transition them from a nursery space to a toddler space and then an even bigger kids room in the very near future.

There is much trepidation that comes with taking them from the crib to their first bed, but it can also be very exciting as well! This is the time in your child’s life that you are seeing what interests them the most and what they like so you can create a space that revolves around who they are.

Invest in Quality Pieces

The biggest change during these transitions will occur when you have to purchase the new big kid-sized furniture. When you choose new furniture, always focus on obtaining quality pieces that will be able to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear and can hold its own against anything your toddler will throw at it.

Think of Functionality and Storage

Smaller kids also tend to have a lot more toys that will need to be stored away, so when you are choosing furniture, always keep in mind the amount of storage that would be sufficient. Think of a bed that provides some storage space underneath it or a bench that doubles as a toy chest. Even incorporating a desk that they can use for colouring and drawing and other art projects that can transition with them as they get older and attend school and need a place to study and do homework.

Always Include the Child

Finally, always include your child when it comes to making colour and design choices for their room. Who knows, they may actually take better care of their new stuff if they had a hand in helping to choose it!

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