CONTAIN THE CHAOS.. Making a Mud Room

Pat on the back for getting through the first few weeks of the kids being back at school! We started Kindy here and it has definitely been an adjustment.

Now that they are back I’m sure that you are already noticing an influx of their stuff being spread all over the house. Why is there a lunch box in the washing machine?! 🤷‍♀️

If you are looking for something to scroll through on Insta tonight why not look at #mudroom. What is a mud room i hear you ask? Well really its just a place that you can all throw your stuff near the front door that keeps it contained and neat-ish.

It got me thinking, what furniture would you need to make your own mud room at your place.. never fear we have some pieces that would be a great starting point to creating an amazing space, and with all your fingers and toes crossed the kids would use it and help contain the chaos!

Have a peek now and get inspired.